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Well. This is a thing, isn’t it?

I’m sure you’ve suspected by now, from the lack of activity from me either on the blog or my newsletter, that I’m having an extended period of writer’s block. I’m afraid that means that all the new novels I’d talked about 9 months ago haven’t been written and may never be written. (Never say never – the muse may yet come back.)

Still, in a time like this when the world is in the grip of a pandemic – (never thought I’d actually live in interesting times. Not sure I like it.) – I have to do something to help, and I thought I’d start off by making the Trowchester books free. This way at least anyone who’s stuck inside will have four books to read.

Amazon doesn’t allow you to list books for free without having to ask them to do it and them reminding you in a snotty voice that they might allow it this time, but you should remember that they’re doing you a favour and can change their minds at any time. So I’ve left them alone on Amazon. Eventually they will cotton on and reduce the price to 99p by themselves. But for free books right now, you can get them here:

Trowchester Blues

Blue Eyed Stranger

Blue Steel Chain

Seeing Red

If you can’t get along with any of the above stores because you need the mobi format and they only have epub, let me know and I’ll just send you the mobi version.

Also, if you fancy a missing scene or two from any of my books, let me know what you particularly want to see and I’ll do my best to write it for you.

Stay safe!


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4 years ago

Thank you!

Roger Grace
Roger Grace
4 years ago

Need mini version of seeing red.

Roger Grace
Roger Grace
4 years ago
Reply to  Roger Grace


4 years ago

Yes, Alex, I’d like a mobi format of those novels, too, please.

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