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GLBT Bookshelf The place to go to to find GBLT authors, publishers, cover artists, reviewers and articles.  Add yourself!  The more the merrier.

Linden Bay Romance A top quality publisher of Romance in both ebook and print form. I’ve never read a bad book from them.

Loose Id Also a high quality publisher of Romance in both ebook and print form. I’ve read the occasional bad book from them but on the whole they’re reliably good.

Night Owl Romance An up and coming review site with a tremendously dedicated team; constantly improving and reliable.  Get someone else to take the risk out of buying a new book unseen! Frankly there is some absolute dross out there, so it helps if someone else has had to wade through it first so you don’t have to 🙂

Romance with Shiela Stewart A great blog showcasing all kinds of romance literature, run by the author of ‘Secrets of the Dead’ and ‘Kidnapped’.

Speak its Name A fantastic blog dedicated to historical m/m romance – lots of reviews of great books, and discussion on things like how dodgy most cover-art is, and what strange creatures romantic heroes really are.  Very entertaining.

Alan Chin Gay Romace, Eastern Philosophy, Suspense, Comedy, and Tragedy

Mayhem Photographics
photography of historical reenactments – very useful for book covers.  Also GBLT/Trans portraits.

Minnette’s Worlds – Real or Imagined

Visit Lisabet Sarai’s Fantasy Factory

~*~*~*~ provides information on how to safely use online gay dating sites in a manner that minimizes the risk to the individual of assault or violence.

Top 100 Marriage Equality Blogs