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So… Anyone who read my blog in the summer will have seen me going through something of an existential crisis. I’m happy to report that (in so far as these things ever go away) it has receded and now I actually have A PLAN.

I’ve established my three pen names, and they all have websites and at least a few books out. They probably won’t all be blogging, given how hard I find it to keep up even one blog. But I’m converted to the usefulness of Facebook, and you can find me over there on my page:


After much soul searching, I’ve decided that I haven’t really given this self-published author thing enough of a try. I’ve only been doing it full time since April, and half of that time has been taken up in reorganizing everything and then writing and publishing Murder of A Working Ghost. It’s time to give it a good go now I AM re-organized.

Yesterday I took a good look at which of my books people were liking the best (measured by which ones people are buying,) and decided that I would give people more of what they want. No more of this artistic “I’m going to write whatever I want to and people will have to put up with it.”

I’m currently writing a space opera with an asexual main character. That’s currently called Curiosity and is planned as a series for my SF/F side, Alex Oliver. When that’s done (which I hope will be before Christmas,) I’ll start on another Alex Beecroft book.

I promised my Newsletter folks that I would do both a Trowchester novel and a new Age of Sail novel, so that’s what I’ve got planned:

  • Finish writing Curiosity #1
  • Write Trowchester #4
  • Edit Curiosity #1
  • Write a third Dancing Detective book.
  • Edit Trowchester #4
  • Write Curiosity #2
  • Edit DD #3
  • Write another Age of Sail book
  • Edit Curiosity #2
  • Edit the AoS book

After which I will stop and see what things look like again. I know a lot of people joined up with me because they loved the Age of Sail books, and I might make the next AoS book the beginning of a series.

I’m currently writing 3000 words a day, which means that (illness and family crises aside) I can finish a 75K book in a month. But editing takes at least a half to a whole other month, and I need to work some time in here for:

  • researching and planning all these books
  • learning how to use Amazon Ads and Facebook Ads in a way that actually makes me money rather than losing it.
  • making cover art, formatting, uploading, making graphics, blogging, sending newsletters, getting involved in promotion etc…

So, realistically we’re looking at a new Trowchester book in early summer 2019 and a new Age of Sail book in winter 2019. But watch this spot because I may decide to shuffle round the order depending on how things are going.

It’s nice to have a plan!

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