Sprucing up the cover of Under The Hill

You may have noticed there’s a lot of reorganization going on at the moment. Having now become an almost entirely indie-published author I’m trying to get my backlist into order. When I first put out the new versions of my Samhain books, I was doing it as fast as possible, just to keep them out there, but now I have time to give them the love they deserve.

To that end, I’m thinking that everyone hates getting half the story and then having to pay for the second half, so I may retire Under the Hill: Bomber’s Moon and Under the Hill: Dogfighters in favour of promoting the full story, just called Under the Hill.

In my previous version of the cover, I tried to illustrate a scene from the story, with a dragon attacking a Lancaster bomber. Which could have been epic if I’d had the skills and the photos to work with. But I didn’t. So this time I just decided to feature an element that told you there was something 1940s/WWII going on and an element that said “Spooky Celtic; maybe elves.”

Which one would you go for out of these, if any?


(Bear in mind that these are mockups. Strange lines and watermarks will be eliminated in the real thing.)

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