Cover Art update

I’ve spent the last week making new covers for most of my Riptide books, and now I want to show them off 🙂

The Trowchester Series now looks like this:

Blessed Isle now looks like this:

Which I’m particularly excited about because Garnet regards the whole story as a message in a bottle cast out onto the seas of time. So, yay for symbolism 😉

Sons of Devils and Angels of Istanbul now look like this

Which I feel makes it clearer that they are primarily historical Fantasy rather than romance. I was sad to part with my illustrated covers for these, but I thought they looked a little Young Adult, and might have been a bit confusing.

However, I have paid for my illustrated covers of Crimson Outlaw and Labyrinth because (a) I love them, and (b) there’s no way that I would find better depictions of 18th Century Romania or Minoan Crete in the desert of modernity that is stock photo sites.

So Crimson Outlaw and Labyrinth still look like this

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Lillian Francis
Lillian Francis
6 years ago

These are amazing. I’m sad to see the loss of the illustrated version of the Arising covers but I have to say you’ve done an excellent job recreating the feel of the books in those new covers.

Sandra Lindsey
6 years ago

Wow, I love the new Devils & Angels covers! The old ones were pretty, but these are so perfect for the type of story if is. Will they be available in paperback? I’d love to have them on my shelves…

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