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Winner of the 2013 Swirl Awards for Best Sci-Fi Fantasy

“Beecroft’s writing dazzles, brimming with lush descriptions of worldly and otherworldly landscapes, taut conflict, and two finely drawn romantic leads…. readers will delight in every moment of their adventure.” – A Publisher’s Weekly starred review.

“It’s a common sentiment that readers of m/m often have to lower their standards. We’ll sometimes talk about accepting flaws we would not accept in a non-m/m story… lowering the bar a bit to let the storypass over. Well, the Under the Hill books take that bar and they fucking annihilate it. I’m a fantasy snob, have been one for decades,and the list of things I will not accept in fantasy has grown with those decades. In terms of style, originality, aesthetic richness, conceptual depth, and just plain FUN these books are among the best I’ve ever read.” – Violetta Vane

“Amazing, immersive contemporary fantasy, beautifully told and meticulously plotted–all-around perfection, basically!” – Gay Book Reviews

It’s the same old story, isn’t it? There you are, trundling through the evening sky in your Lancaster bomber when reality’s torn apart and you’re abducted by elves. Typical. They’ll be invading Britain next, the cheeky blighters.

In Ben’s hour of need, for the cataclysmic battle to come and in the ardent hope that the Fairy Queen herself won’t come back from Elfland and start testing her dragon on people, our hero turns to the only group eccentric and unemployed enough to answer the call: Chris Gatrell and his Paranormal Defence Agency.

They’re brave, they’re keen, they laugh at fear, they don’t speak Elvish and they bring their own sandwiches. They’re also the only offer he’ll get…

Note, this is Under the Hill: Bomber’s Moon and Under the Hill: Dogfighters in a single volume.


If this sounds like the sort of thing you fancy reading, I am currently giving it away for free in an attempt to get a few reviews on Amazon. It looks very lonely and unloved on its current reviewless page, and Amazon has not yet got back to me about copying over the reviews from its two constituent parts.

So, the solution must be to give it away and hope that people will review it on Amazon for me! It doesn’t matter what kind of a review. It doesn’t have to be long, or even positive. Just your honest thoughts, and I will be very grateful.

You can get it here

(Ironically, I haven’t yet managed to persuade Amazon to sell it for free, so it’s still $2.99 over there, and the link is to all other formats. Still, Amazon reviews if you possibly could, and I hope you enjoy it!)

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