Heart of Cygnus Five is out today

After finishing many other projects first, finally the sequel to Lioness of Cygnus Five is out! I had so much fun with this series, fleshing out the alien civilisation and exploring lots of characters who were barely more than names in book one.

Now Felix Mboge and Nori Nakano find a lot more than they bargained for when they travel to a pirate world to try to buy food. Morwen Crouch and Lali Citlali run into some serious trouble when they try to kidnap Aurora’s baby from its father on her command. And Aurora and Bryant are kept busy at home, thwarting an invasion by awakening forces on the planet that perhaps should have been left to sleep.

You can get all formats of this here

Print is not yet available because I’m still waiting to recieve a proof to make sure it’s okay. I’ll let you know the URL for that when it is.

In this sequel to Lioness of Cygnus Five the survival of the colony teeters on the edge. The alien city in which they have taken refuge turns out to be not so abandoned as they’d thought, and Bryant finds himself torn between his love for Aurora and his driving need to restore some of the ancient defences before the Kingdom attacks.Starvation is beginning to bite as the Kingdom forces tighten their stranglehold around the colonists, forcing them to turn to treasure-hunters and pirates for aid. Needed on site to spearhead the military resistance to Kingdom invasion, Aurora must send her most trusted people into the heart of enemy territory to beg for supplies and to rescue her baby, with no guarantee that when they return there will be anyone left alive to come home to.

Yet survival may come at too great a cost if Bryant cannot control the secret he is awakening at the heart of Cygnus Five.


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