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It being lo, these seven years and more since Captain’s Surrender came out from Samhain, the contract on this book is up. I have asked for the rights back and I recieved them (on the same day, no less! I commend them on their efficiency.)

This means it’s time to give Captain’s Surrender a facelift and relaunch it with a snazzy new cover. Sad though I am to say goodbye to the gorgeous cover I had on the Samhain version, I was quite excited to be able to make my own. Of course, all the usual caveats apply – lack of good historical stock photos, my own limited artistic talent. Nevertheless, I’m quite pleased with this one.


It says ‘nautical’ and it says ‘gay romance’, which is what you want from a nautical gay romance, I feel. And it references the point where Josh blows up his own ship to try to take out a French ship of the line, so it’s more relevant to the content of the book than some of the covers I’ve had.

I’m going to have a quick look through to see if anything needs scrubbing up and then reformat it for self publishing as an ebook on the 21st. Then I can wrestle with how to release it as a paperback over the Christmas holidays.

In the mean time I may reblog some of my old posts about the book, which have suddenly become relevant again. Watch this space 🙂

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Sandra Lindsey
Sandra Lindsey
7 years ago

Oooh doesn’t time fly!

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