You’ll believe an octopus can dance

Just a quick post because I promised my friend Hannah that I would post pictures of my morris dancing ensemble. She bought me a lovely octopus for my hat, and wanted to know what the whole outfit looked like together.

So in her honour, here is Sutton Masque dancing Much Wenlock, a traditional Welsh border dance at the March Steam Fair yesterday. (That’s the Steam Fair in the town of March, not the steam fair in the month of March.)

I am the one closest to the camera, with a yellow dragonfly painted on my face.

This was one of the last dances of the day, and we’d been dancing for three hours under blazing sunshine by then, so it’s a little staid. I promise it’s harder work than it looks. See if you can spot the octopus! (Hint, it’s on the band of my hat.)

And as a bonus, here’s us performing Lollipop Man at the Ely Folk Festival, because amazingly enough we have two videos now 🙂

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