Lioness of Cygnus Five – blurb?


By Morburre – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

This is probably oversharing or something, but what do people think of this as a blurb?


Busted to command of prison ship Froward, taking criminals out to colonise new worlds for the Kingdom of Peace, Aurora Campos’s days of heroism are behind her. No more conquering the fleets of the Source Worlds’ soul-less technocrats. She’s a fallen woman, a failure.

Bryant Jones, technocrat and ‘murderer’, is not going to let his future be taken away by some dark ages Neanderthal. He’s staging a break out from Aurora’s brig when the Froward is shot down around them.

The convicts have taken over the penal planet. Shipwrecked on a hostile world, where the only escape route is a single spaceship buried in a guarded silo beneath the convicts’ main building, Aurora and Bryant must work together to survive.

Aurora wants the ship so she can rescue her crew. Bryant just wants off world as soon as possible. Neither of them are expecting the aliens.


Interesting? Cliche? Would you want to read it? What would you do differently?

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Sandra Lindsey
Sandra Lindsey
7 years ago

Reading it, I wondered* why there were inverted commas around “murderer” – I’m guessing he’s not really a murderer by our understanding of the word, but I wonder if expanding it a little might make it less jarring?

Maybe (depending on suitability), something like “accused of murder” or “declared to be a murderer by laws that don’t make sense”?

I’m sure you can come up with something far better, as you know what his story is while I don’t!

*more in a “oh, this book is going to be difficult to understand if I don’t know why the blurb phrases things this way” wonder than a “oooh, I need to read the book to find out what that means!” kind of wonder

Sandra Lindsey
Sandra Lindsey
7 years ago

So we can read it very very soon? Yay!

Sandra Lindsey
Sandra Lindsey
7 years ago

Have a good break 🙂

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