Punches the air

Yes! So, my father is in hospital awaiting a heart operation and I’m rushing up there every day to try to help him to understand what’s going on (he has dementia and doesn’t remember these things – which makes being in hospital a terrifying experience). Despite this, I have just finished Heart of Cygnus 5. Yes! 102,080 words of space-opera-y goodness in which the entire galaxy is about to find out that it was a bad idea to try to keep my middle-aged female space captain down.

Is she a late-blooming Mary Sue? Quite possibly. Do I care? I do not. It’s taken me this long to realize that I have a feminine side at all (because it’s a feminine side that wants to PUNCH DRAGONS.) And there are not that many of those kinds of female characters around, so why not?

Basically: Yes! I have finished a book! Now I can start planning the Minoan m/m thing I’ve got to do by March. I’m looking forward to that 🙂 Huzzah!

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Lillian francis
Lillian francis
8 years ago

Yay! Great news. Glad you found your feminine side. Punching dragons seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to do with it 😉

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