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As part of the promotion of Blue Steel Chain, Riptide have scheduled a Book Bub for Trowchester Blues.

What the heck is a Book Bub? You may ask yourself. I know I did.

Well, it seems to be this cool thing here:

Where you sign up with your email address, and pick what categories of books you enjoy – and yes, there is an LGBT section – and then all kinds of books are available for you either free or with their prices slashed to the bone.

It’s a little worrying. I only found out about the site yesterday and already I’ve bought four books. OTOH, I’ve bought four books for $3.98 in total, so… win. I think 🙂

So if anyone wants to start trying (a) my books in general, or (b) the Trowchester series in particular, this is a great place to pick up the first Trowchester book, Trowchester Blues for $0.99

The ‘bub’ will start on the 31st of July and go for five days. Happy shopping 😉

And speaking of Blue Steel Chain! It’s due out on the 27th of July. I haven’t written any of my blog spots for the tour yet. So if anyone has any questions they’d like me to answer, or anything in particular they’d like me to talk about during the tour, do say! I would love to have a chance to talk about something you actually want me to talk about, rather than my usual random nonsense.

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8 years ago

Exciting news. If you’d like a Comfy chair spot you know my email 🙂

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