Interview on Muse Hack

I was delighted to be interviewed recently on Muse Hack, which with its concentration on the less trodden paths of the genre world felt like a good fit for me. Here I am trying to explain what the heck it is I write again


Did that make any sense to you?

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Steven Savage
9 years ago

It was great having you Alex! I loved seeing your unique insights!

9 years ago

Great interview, Alex, and with you defining your own attitudes towards writing, I can see more clearly why I love your work. I want to be surprised and challenged and don’t care about the rules of genre; just give me interesting, quality stories. (Which you do so well!) Being a fan of historicals, I love the ones you’ve written, but it is how you tell stories that keeps me buying your books, historical or not.

9 years ago

Nice, tight hugs are my favorite, so I would absolutely share one of those with you! I don’t know how unique I am since I see you have quite a number of readers who love your work (deservedly so!), but I appreciate that you appreciate my appreciation. 😀 It’s such a joy for me to have found your stories, and add to that how you are someone I love to have a chat with whenever the chance arises, it makes me feel the fortunate one.

9 years ago

I think ot sounds like a wonderful idea. I haven’t been part of any author forums or things like street teams and such, but I think it’s lovely to have those around. It tires me out thinking of all the outreach authors must do, but I hope something like this would be fun for you to do and not just something in the way of more marketing to handle.

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