Hazards of not writing

Well, a day off turned into a week. A week during which I enthusiastically tried other, new things. I did, however, make a plot plan for the Fantasy I meant to start tomorrow – so, progress there.

I also began to learn the melodeon:


Which is harder than it seems. Both hands have to work independently, and the scale goes “push, pull, push, pull, push, pull, pull, push” which is confusing.

After extensive practice, I can now play The Winster Gallop, and I’m starting on the Winster Processional.

Or I was…

Yesterday I went on a blacksmithing course and made this hook:


I had finished it, it was lying on the anvil and all I had to do was give it a coat of beeswax to blacken it. I was very tired, as it had been heavy work, drawing out the iron and tapering it by heating and hammering it. So I picked up the beeswax, held the hook down with my other hand, completely forgetting that it was still hot, burnt my first two fingertips and thumb to the point where the skin turned white.

Spent yesterday evening in A&E, with hideous pain. They dosed me up on morphine and sent me home with my hand looking like this:


So how I’m going to start writing the next thing tomorrow, I don’t know. Longhand, probably.

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10 years ago

Do give yourself a break to recover! Even if you can write with your other hand, your body will be in shock from such a horrid injury. Take care.

Dianne T.
Dianne T.
10 years ago

Ouch!! Hope they set you up with good pain meds for home too! Take the time for your body to heal – quickly and uneventfully. Writing longhand sounds good. Can you read your own? I often have trouble with mine 😀 Hugs, and take care. ?

Lillian Francis
Lillian Francis
10 years ago

OMG! I was composing a little comment in my head as I read. Something along the lines of what interesting and unusual things you do in your writing hiatus (me, I recharge by reading other people’s work–or fanfiction–whatever I’m in the mood for).

Until I came to that last picture. You poor thing. It’s so easily done. Not that I’m a blacksmith or anything 🙂 But I’ve taken pans out of the oven, turned away and when I’ve turned back I’ve picked it up with my bare hands, forgeting it would still be hot. Never burnt myself that badly though.

I guess at least it’s not your writing hand. My problem would be that I can’t write as fast as I can type; so in order to get my thoughts down as they come out of my head, my writing is almost unreadable in places. And, of course, you then have to type them anyway, so it always seems like twice the work.

Take care.

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