Quick News Roundup

I’m still shuffling from doctors to hospital and back again while ingesting various chemicals and being scanned for things. CT scan yesterday, in which they tried to put a cannula in me in three different places and my veins played hide and seek. Back for another day of being sedated on the 4th of November… So, normal life has still not resumed.

On the plus side I had an absolutely gorgeous review of Blessed Isle today:

Now, I can’t recommend this enough. It’s one of those rare stories that is more than the sum of good plot + good characterisation = success. Blessed Isle is more than an experience, it’s a memory and you will live it. This is a love story that will survive centauries. It’s beautiful.

Which can’t be bettered

I am half way through writing Trowchester Blues, at a wordcount of 36K, which means that it seems well within reach to plan to finish it during NaNoWriMo. We have here the ex-cop falling for the not-quite-ex-enough con, both of whom are mature gentlemen in their forties. I remember the mid-life crisis up close and personal, and sometimes it’s nice to write characters who are closer to your own age.

But the most exciting thing going on at the moment is the imminent release of Too Many Fairy Princes described by Publisher’s Weekly as an “effervescently charming fantasy romance”

It’s due out on the 5th of November, which is fortunately a day on which I’m not due to be sedated, huzzah! I can’t wait 🙂

Remember remember the 5th of November,
nefarious fairies and plots.
The Queen has her two-bore and she’ll always be sure
she welcomes those goblins with shots.

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10 years ago

Well, life is certainly mixed for you at the moment! So sorry that you’re still unwell and being investigated. But what a lovely reveiw! And I like the sound of Trowchester Blues very much.

Good luck with your fairy princes!

10 years ago

I’m sure I don’t wish more than you do that the doctors would find out what’s going on and fix it, but I still keep adding in my best for you to be well, and I will keep doing so until normal life has returned. On the other side of the coin, it’s lovely to see good things happening. That was a wonderful review, and so true. I hope people will take the recommendation and discover what your readers already know, how great your writing and stories are. Thank you for the reminder about Too Many Fairy Princes so I can get that pre-ordered. I hope you’ll spend its release day only thinking about the readers like me who are immersed in Dave and Kjartan’s story!

Thank you for keeping us updated.

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