Technically my release day!

Despite the fact that you could get a copy yesterday, today is the first day The Crimson Outlaw became available on places like Amazon and Barnes and Noble, so it’s the official release day. Huzzah!

I’ve been trying not to look at what people on Goodreads were saying about it, but so far the reaction seems to be positive, and Diane even left me a message saying she had spotted Vali’s body double over here on Facebook. Spot on!

Thank you so much to everyone who has reviewed it already and made the release day such an exciting one. I’m so glad that the slightly unusual setting doesn’t seem to have put anyone off 🙂

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Elin Gregory
10 years ago

🙁 the Facebook link to Vali’s body double doesn’t work for me. Maybe one has to be on Dianne’s flist.

So – want to come and chat to me about Wallachian history for my blog and SiN?

Elin Gregory
10 years ago

Oh wow. Dubiously historical hardware apart he looks brilliant. 🙂

I’ll email about the blog thingy.

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