Kudos to Santander

So, my son has now got his change-of-name documents back from the deed poll people. Which was very easy and efficient and provides you with a document with some glorious language on it, in caps, no less. Listen to this:

“I ABSOLUTELY renounce and abandon the use of my former name… I AUTHORISE AND REQUIRE all persons at all times to designate, describe and address me by my adopted name…”

Isn’t that stirring? I love it.

After getting that done and signed and witnessed, yesterday we took it to his bank to get his name and title changed there. I was frankly imagining some sort of Brazil-like bureaucratic horror that would grind on for days and days of exchanging ever more obscure documents. Being politely judged by impenetrable layers of flunkies…

But what actually happened was that the guy checked out the change of name form, then filled in the new details on my son’s bank account, hit the ‘reason for change’ box and hit ‘gender reassignment’ from the drop-down menu, requested a new bank card with the new name and title, and we were done. In and out in quarter of an hour, without receiving so much as a single strange look.

So there you go. If there are any trans*people out there having trouble with your banks, I can definitely recommend Santander in Cambridge for prompt and friendly service.

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