I really mean it this time

So, the Riptide website says The Crimson Outlaw is on pre-sale, whatever that means. But in practice if you buy it now you will be able to download it immediately, plus you’ll get 20% off. Offer only valid until midnight tonight (Sunday.) So if you do want it, and you’d like 20% off, this might be the time to get it 🙂

Apologies for me jumping the gun earlier when it turned out only to be available for reviewers and not general readers.



If anyone’s curious, I decided that the exact shade of crimson I was talking about was Harvard Crimson and not any of the many pinker options it turns out also fall under the ‘crimson’ label 🙂

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Gerry B.
10 years ago

I LOVE the cover. Billiant.

10 years ago

Preordered it, got it, read it. 🙂 Whoo, a bit sexier than usual. Is that Riptide editing policy? So much I loved about the story.

Absolutely gorgeous cover. I love the Slavic look of the faces

10 years ago

Such a lovely, memorable, cover – beautiful colours. Pre-ordered and downloaded! (I love the way Riptide let the pre-orderers download two days early – it’s a clever reward.)

Elin Gregory
Elin Gregory
10 years ago

Isn’t it odd how different characters have a different level of libido? My 1920s guys are very skittish and modest and are giving me a lot of trouble, but my 7th century blokes are all “Wahey, brace yerself!” 🙂 In RPGs they call it character bleed.

Dianne T.
Dianne T.
10 years ago

Alex!!!! 😀
I just finished this and absolutely love everything about it. There will be a review coming out in short order. Congrats on another gem.
And the cover….gorgeous and perfect, I’d love this in print. In fact I’m certain I saw Vali on someone’s tumblr and picked him up…. so to speak 😉


Dianne T.
Dianne T.
10 years ago

😀 He even has a sword 😉 OMG I almost published my review with Mihai’s name written as Himai…. Yes, I was tired!!

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