I aten’t dead

I am slightly ashamed that I only seem to blog when I’ve got something to sell. That’s going to change. But I’d be even more ashamed if I didn’t support my publishers when they’re doing something which is good for them, and for me, and for anyone who wants to buy bargain books.


So, Riptide have revamped their site and are currently offering a Site Launch Sale Bundle: Hot Historicals (http://www.riptidepublishing.com/titles/collections/hot-historicals) which is on sale at 60% off for one week only–sale ends 8/12.

It includes

And is available for 60% off normal retail price. Which is well worth while starting blogging again for 🙂

Seriously – I think my slump is finally coming to an end, and I hope to pick up the Write On posts and more normal blogging habits soon. I’ll probably wind up to it this month and do it properly from September.
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Elin Gregory
10 years ago

Well I must admit that I’d been wondering, but hoped that you’d be writing so feared an “Oi are you okay?” email would disrupt the flow. Glad to hear you’re getting back in the groove. 🙂

10 years ago

I don’t think anyone minds hearing about what you have to sell. 🙂
Hope you haven’t been doing a Granny Weatherwax on your household. (for their sakes)

10 years ago

… someone in the house with me…

Oh Alex! I really feel for you. I’m in a similar position – himself retired last July and even if he’s in the shed or the garden he’s THERE, if you know what I mean, poised to turn the power off or to suggest that a cup of coffee, dinner or a clean house would be nice. Mot unsettling.

Roll on September, eh?

Elin Gregory
10 years ago

A shed – yes! I feel every woman should be allowed her own space, but we are expected to share. I have most strongly insisted that since himself has a workshop, a greenhouse, several sheds and has taken over my pottery studio as a wood store I should jolly well have a place of my own when we move. I’d prefer a yurt, though, because of the whole Scythian vibe. I’m determined to write young Anatolios’ story one day.

Dragging a first draft out of the dark is a very good way of putting it. Mine are both kicking and screaming at the moment.

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