Glorious, glorious cover art for The Reluctant Berserker

To say I’m pleased with this one would be an understatement. Particularly as I know how hard the artist worked to get something that was in-period, when I kept sending the mockups back. “It’s lovely, but they didn’t wear plate armour in those days.” “I love it, but I’m sorry, we can’t have a castle because they didn’t build them yet.” “It’s gorgeous, but the heater-shield didn’t come in until the 13th Century and has to go.”

I felt like a real diva. All the more so because I know exactly how hard it is to get stockphotos which are right for any historical period. I was trying not to nitpick, but on the other hand, I also knew that anyone who knew anything about the 8th Century would look at that shield and immediately think “Whoa, 500 years out of date, I bet that author doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Either that or they have no respect for their history/readers/own work.” So I just couldn’t let it go.

However, they put up with me. They changed the shield, they changed the helmet to make it look more like a spectacle helm, and eala! I am overjoyed.


All the kudos and praise to the artist, Kanaxa 🙂

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10 years ago

Oooooooooooooooh!! Got a publishing date yet? Looking forward to reading the definitive version so much.

10 years ago

Gorgeous & intriguing!

Lillian Francis
Lillian Francis
10 years ago

That’s a great cover. You’re right to at least be able to say what you DON’T want on the cover. Looking forward to reading it.

10 years ago

Just beautiful. Kudos to you for being a stickler (’cause that stuff does matter) and to Kanaxa for making it happen. Something to look forward to at the start of the new year!

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