Crash and reset

You may have noticed a sudden and dramatic reduction of my blogging over the last week. The truth is I’m having a sudden and dramatic reduction in everything. I think this is connected to DH going back to work, although Youngest being ill and me still being sleep deprived after May Day are also factors that are not helping.

I’m between novels at the moment and can’t think of a new idea I want to write. I would like to think it’s just my brain telling me that OK, I’ve worked pretty hard at creating output since September last year and I need a holiday to recharge. But naturally my brain is also telling me that this is it. I will never get up again. If I don’t push myself to do something now, I will never write again. I’ve run out of things to write about. I am a damp rag twisted to the point where no water is left to be squeezed out, and now there’s nothing left but to lie around being limp and parched for ever more.

Don’t you just hate the artistic temperament sometimes?

Anyway. I am telling myself that it’s fine. I can have the rest of today and the weekend off, and we (my brain and I) will start work again on Monday. Despite the fact that I told myself the same thing last Friday, I’m trying to believe it this time.

Does this happen to any of you? Most people I talk to seem to have more ideas than they have time to work on them. Is it really only me who has to wait for the next one to come along?

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Cari Z
Cari Z
11 years ago

Oh hon, time to differentiate between quantity and quality. It’s perfectly fine to take time off and let the brain recharge, especially when you tend to have such stellar ideas and execution.

This is not me pandering, this is me telling the truth. Better to wait for that spark of inspiration than force yourself to write something that just isn’t you. Anyway, have a nice, relaxing weekend. Whatever comes next is surely worth the wait.

11 years ago

I know it helps to be told this from someone else, especially when you’re stuck in your own head, so I’ll say it: It’s all going to be alright. Our bodies and brains do things to protect us, and maybe right now, your body is telling your brain it just wants a rest, or vice versa. You have worked hard, and you do create such wonderful stories, that I know you won’t stay away from creating for very long. You are definitely not the only one who has to wait for the idea to spark, and I have no doubt it will strike just when you need it to. Or you will decide you don’t want to wait and go out and find it.

For now, enjoy a bit of a holiday, let things in your world settle, and we will all be happy to read the blog post where you describe (as you so beautifully do) how the words are flowing out almost faster than you can capture them.

Anne Lyle
11 years ago

No, it’s not just you! I’m always in awe of friends who have more ideas than they have time to write – I have to drag mine kicking and screaming into the light of day.

Maybe you just need to refill the well? I find that two things help:

1. Doing something creative that doesn’t involve the written word: drawing, sewing, etc. Or if you have the time, visit a museum or art gallery or castle. When I did “The Artist’s Way” ('s_Way) for a while, I was introduced to the idea of the “artist date” and it really clicked with me.

2. Reading non-fiction, preferably something that interests me but I don’t know a lot about. My strongest story ideas have come out of reading books like “Guns, Germs and Steel” that are thought-provoking as well as informative.

Good luck with the dry spell!

Liam Liam
11 years ago

I think in whatever job you’re doing, and writing is definitely a job, you need time off.
Have a full week off without guilt, is the important thing and:
Read some books
Watch a really good box set
See friends and family

In my experience something will prick your attention and spark an idea which you can work on after your week off.
Good luck Liam

Lillian Francis
Lillian Francis
11 years ago

I’m afraid I’m one of those people with more ideas than I’ll ever have time to write, doesn’t make them any good though. I always take at least a week off between finishing one draft and starting the next. I read, catch up with the tv I’ve been missing, anything other than write.

I’m sure something will spark your interest soon enough.

11 years ago

I’m so pleased to see that DH is back to work, and I think that this has more to do with your “crash” than you might realise. You’ve been worrying, and keeping going knowing that you have to do so. Now the reaction is setting in. So, take a deliberate holiday – do something mindless like gardening or walking, or learn some new music. Just take a break!

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