Today I have mostly been…

finishing incorporating the points made by the lovely Megan Derr and Bimo into my final draft of The Glass Floor, which frankly is much better for them. While I was doing that, I spotted some anomalies of my own, such as ‘if Radu can’t see magic, how come he can see the magical forcefield at the end? Whoops!’ So it just goes to show that no matter how finished you think something is, the chances are there’s still something to be done.

The rest of the day went on brainstorming ideas for a couple of other books to follow The Glass Floor, on the grounds that publishers tend to prefer new fantasy to come in trilogies. This turned out to be easier done than I’d feared, although I may have problems turning the second volume into a book that has a satisfying close of its own but still leads on to book three. This is a good time to think about that, though!

I’ve never written anything that wasn’t a stand-alone story before, so this is quite fascinating. Tentative titles The Gate of Ice and The Isle of Storms, for which I have Googled and which don’t seem to have been taken yet.

Those are just to be put into plot-plan stage and not actually written – just so I can offer the synopses as a possibility if someone likes The Glass Floor but wants it to be a series. Once I’ve done the brainstorming on those, I can start brainstorming something I will actually write. No idea on that yet!

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