The Glass Floor, ready for beta testing.

The Glass Floor is done. It is done, my precious 🙂 Or at least, it is done enough so that it’s ready to be given out to a small number of fantasy fans who are willing to read it and tell me what works for them, and more importantly, what doesn’t work and why not.

Of course, I’m not sure how to go about getting hold of this elite cadre of beta readers. Anyone else out there writing fantasy with whom I could enter into some kind of reciprocal beta-reading relationship? I don’t really want to send it out to complete strangers, so people I know from my friends list would be best. Failing that, anyone got any ideas as to how I can find some feedback on it? Are there websites or forums for this somewhere?

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11 years ago

I can’t help you with fantasy, but please do bear me in mind for beta-reading your historical fiction. I’d be delighted to help with that, if I can.

I hope that your precious finds the right people!

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