Ten out of Ten :)

I must admit I’ve never taken the UK citizenship test myself and suspect I would not pass it. (I think it’s a silly idea. Why do we all need to know the same things?)

But I nevertheless passed this one with flying colours. See how you would do 🙂


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11 years ago

I failed the UK citizenship test. Why on earth would anyone need to know when married women were first able to divorce their husbands? And (more to the point) why would knowing the date better fit you for life in the UK or demonstrate that you will fit in, or whatever it is that the test is supposed to do? I found many of the questions extremely odd.

It really seemed designed to test whether you ha done your revision and how good you were at retaining odd information included in your revision. Like all exams – are you good at exams?

And yes, I did better in the other test – but I didn’t get full marks! Exile me now…

Alex Beecroft
Alex Beecroft
11 years ago

High five! Whoops! I mean *firm approving handshake*.

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