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Edited quickly because this felt like something to share with my friends-list. HaikuJaguar on publicity and artistic insecurity:


Here is a lovely review of Captain’s Surrender which makes me smile not only with the joy appropriate to a good review but with the additional joy appropriate to a review that really seems to get what you were trying to do.

I’m also hugely pleased and honoured to have The Wages of Sin reviewed in Wilde Oats which is a lovely magazine to which I keep meaning to submit a story or two, but never seem to write anything short enough.

Thanks so much to both of you!


And on a completely different note, I was very happy to find both asexuals and the gender fluid on this list, but while the factoid about Captain Jack Harkness makes so much sense, I suspect they might be wrong on the osmosis front. At least, it’s never worked like that for me.

In fact, seriously, go to the tumblr for more Facts about Queers. I never knew the reason why I had such difficulty with computers was because I was non-binary, but that makes so much sense too 🙂


I have a few ideas for some longer blog posts, hurray! But now it’s just a matter of sitting down and writing them. And as one of them is about the fact that I have converted my computer desk to a standing desk, this might be easier said than done 😉

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