Nine Naughty Novelists have a plus one

and I don’t think I’m particularly naughty at all. Stolid, I would have said. Mind you, I get round that by redefining the things I want to do as being perfectly innocuous and normal, so perhaps others might disagree.

In case I’m not being very clear, here I am on the Nine Naughty Novelists blog

talking about the un-PC nature of erotic fantasy, and whether we should really worry too much about Fifty Shades of Grey.

I apologise for there being no Write On post yesterday, but Sunday and Monday were taken up by my regular monthly migraine, so I gave myself a break. Normal service will be resumed next week, I hope.

In the mean time I offer what I was reading as a recommendation and apology. Even if you’ve never watched Stargate Universe (into which I’m getting sucked more and more with each episode), if you like explorations of human consciousness… in space, with explosions and aliens and mind melds and stoic but heartbreaking slash, you’re sure to like this one. It’s epic 🙂

Force over Distance by Cleanwhiteroom

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