Blogging Burnout

If you knew me in real life, you’d know that I was the one who sat in the corner of every meeting, listening and not saying anything. On rare occasions I might burst out with some wildly odd opinion on which I held forth for half an hour before realizing that everybody’s eyes had glazed over and people mainly wanted me to just shut up again. But mostly I would be practicing the shutting up and lurking appropriate to someone who is generally an outlier in any statistical curve.

Which means this whole blogging thing is very against the grain for me, and I have, yet again, run out of things to say. So I’m going to throw the floor open and say “ask me something! Anything!”  Is there anything you want my opinion on? Post it here and I will answer it if I can 🙂

Tentatively relevant picture:


Asking for directions.

It’s either that or I go back to the idea of Sunday Snippets – posting an excerpt from one of my books every week – and does anyone really want that?

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Char Newcomb
11 years ago

Do you have a bucket list? Want to share items from it?

11 years ago

What was the first story you ever published?

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