A bit of unprofessional squeeing

Miku twirling by ~SkullRider123 on deviantART


I saw this yesterday, and desperately wanted to run around telling my friends and family about it. But then I remembered that my friends and family would not see why it was such a big deal. (Probably because it really isn’t a big deal to anyone except me.) But it gave me such a thrill that I had to mention it:


An announcement at About.com that Under the Hill: Dogfighters is out in paperback. Look at me, hanging out in a list of SF/F authors that also includes Mercedes Lackey, Harry Turtledove and L.Frank Baum. I feel like I ought to be twirling in a sea of stars, as per a Japanese anime character.

Got to say, though, that my ‘brand’ is clearly as disorganised and offputting as ever, since according to KZ Snow’s m/m hall of fame, I’m definitely settled in the minds of m/m readers as a writer of historicals. This makes me squee too. How could it not? Look, I get to keep such great company there too. Thank you KZ!  🙂


But it does make me think that my branding life would probably be simpler if I got a new pen-name for the SF/F stuff. That way, people looking for Historicals (who wouldn’t touch fantasy with a bargepole) could continue looking for Alex Beecroft, while people looking for Fantasy (who wouldn’t touch historicals with a bargepole) could look for someone else, and I would avoid confusing and offputting absolutely everyone. And if I told everyone that was what I was doing, those who liked both would be able to find both.

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11 years ago

Re branding – as a good example of how to do it, see L.A. Witt/Lauren Gallagher http://www.loriawitt.com

If you’re going to do it, probably better do it soon, and get someone techie to make sure that searches for either name will lead to the same website. And you would probably need to put Alex Beecroft in brackets after your new pen-name on the covers for books you’ve already published under that name, and have both names as joint authors in the websites for them.

I know nothing about sci-fi and fantasy, but do they count as one genre? – it would seem they do, but I’m a little surprised. (Just wondering if you need three names..)

Congratulations on the Sci-fi mention!

Jennifer Thorne
11 years ago

I don’t know why they wouldn’t understand that it’s a pretty *big* deal! That IS a big deal! And it’s totally awesome. Super-congrats, and well-deserved.

Looking forward to hearing about further successes (:

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