What this situation needs is more unicorns

In honour of the anti-fan letter I got last night, suggesting that I could not possibly write believable male characters because I was (gasp) a girl, I am doing the only thing my gender allows and am channeling my anger into pink unicorns:


And in a brain explodey twist to this story, it turns out that the pink unicorn was drawn by a man.

Oh no, (clutches pearls) what will become of our gender paradigms now?

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11 years ago

By believable male characters, he/she/it probably means one that likes women….. 😉

Lillian Francis
Lillian Francis
11 years ago

Seriously! Was this attack aimed at your characters in particular (in which case it is complete poppycock–and that word may appear in the story I’m currently writing) or all of us misguided female m/m writers?

Strangely I’m sure there are male writers who write female characters and female writers who write male characters. I’m guessing that’s fine as long as they are straight characters, right? We’re just not ‘allowed’ to write gay characters. Pfui!

I’m climbing aboard that pink unicorn and riding it to that rainbow that I’m apparently not allowed to cross.

(Wow, I’m really angry on your behalf, can you tell?)

11 years ago

Well if we all thought that way, British people would only ever write about British people, Indians about Indian people, and 50 shades of grey would never have been written.

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