History and Fantasy, is there a difference?

*g* It’s a slightly inflammatory title, I admit, but I do have a point, though it would be clearer if I rephrased it as “History and Historical Fantasy, is there a difference?”


I’m discussing this over on the Samhain Romance blog https://www.samhainpublishing.com/2013/03/history-and-fantasy-is-there-a-difference/

and although I wouldn’t say I was 100% serious about it, having seen how easily the contributions of women have been written out of the history I was taught, giving an entirely false impression, I’m not really 100% joking either. It would be nice if we could be sure history was more than just a story made up from various different viewpoints to try to fit whatever small scraps of evidence we have left, but I’m not sure if we can.

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