Too Many Fairy Princes are Go!

*G* I’m not sure about the grammar of that title. But I am delighted to announce that I’ve just signed the contract with Samhain to publish Too Many Fairy Princes, a contemporary fantasy on crack.



When Dave Wilson’s boss clears out the coffers of his failing art gallery and disappears, leaving him to confront an angry loan shark and his brutal henchmen alone, the last thing he needs to find, behind the bins at the back of his house, is a fugitive elven prince.

Equally, Kjartan has quite enough to do, defending himself against his murderous brothers in the competition for the succession to his kingdom’s throne, without having to get involved with Dave’s financial problems too.

But they’re both going to have to make the best of it, because fairy tales run rough-shod over reluctant heroes. Especially if they start off with too many princes and not enough happy endings to go around.


I have no information yet about when to expect it. Late this year I suspect, or possibly early next. Watch this space and you’ll know as soon as I do.

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Lillian Francis
Lillian Francis
11 years ago

That’s brilliant news.

Title made me think of Thunderbirds 😀

11 years ago

I’m delighted to hear this. I was wondering what had happened to that story.

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