I have an Etsy Cover Art Shop!

I’ve been reading a lot of indie books recently, and noticed that most of them had covers only their authors could have loved. This prompted me to see if I could find a way of making some cheap cover art for smashwords – so cheap it was available to anyone, no matter their budget. And that prompted me to open a shop on Etsy.

What do you think?



An eyesore or a boon for mankind? It’s your call 😉

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11 years ago

Ooh, that is incredibly cool and useful! *bookmarks*

(I’m in the middle of writing a thing that might want a cover at some point in the future. And they look kind of awesome.

11 years ago

Definitely a boon for mankind! There are some horrors out there (see http://wtfbadromancecovers.tumblr.com ), and yours are tasteful. You could also offer to help with lettering for a price – that’s another area which is often very bad.

11 years ago

Ooh, thank you! I’m writing m/m paranormal romance – psychics and mental weirdness abound (there are no vampires or werewolves). The “Oddy Noir” cover is really attractive IMO, and would probably work for the kind of thing I’m writing. But I think as usual I will probably know more when I’ve got a draft!

(All I really know right now is I will probably want something to be on fire on my cover. That is turning out to be a bit of a recurring theme.)

@HJ I just lost 2 hours to that Tumblr…

Jennifer Thorne
11 years ago

Fab idea!

Jennifer Thorne
11 years ago

(And yes, please, raise the tone of the indie cover… the world will thank you for it)

Charlene Newcomb
11 years ago

Whoa @HJ – some of those are pretty bad…

Alex – great job & a great idea! I’ll send folks your way if they are looking for cover art. If you decide to delve into full cover – front/spine/back – let me know. I just formatted my own POD with CreateSpace but had my graphics guy do the full cover (or whatever it’s called).

Alex Beecroft
11 years ago

Thank you 🙂 And yes, some of them are even worse than the ones in the m/m genre when I started, and that’s saying something.

11 years ago

Check out https://www.createspace.com/Help/Book/Artwork.do

Spine size will depend on trim size & no. of pages.

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