How to squash the independant creative, a guide by Games Workshop

Oh for heaven’s sake! I have only just read about this

It seems that the enormous corporate RPG giant, Games Workshop, is suing MCA Hogarth, an indie author for whom I have the greatest respect, because she heinously published a book called “Spots the Space Marine.” The charge? That GW owns the phrase ‘space marine’ and she’s therefore infringing on their copyright.

I might have some respect for GW if they’d chosen to test the strength of their case on someone like Robert Heinlein, who has also written about space marines. But no, they decided to take their multi-million dollar hammer against an indie author writing to pay for teaching materials for her daughter’s education.

I might have some respect for them if they chose to protect the copyright of a phrase they had created themselves, but ‘space marine’? That’s like a marine, in space! What else would you call them? Will they try to copyright ‘space ship’ next?

MCA Hogarth writes a damn fine tale, and also provides regular useful business advice on her blog/LJ. I have no hesitation in recommending her work to anyone who enjoys thoughtful SF with gorgeously intricate world building. I would suggest that you snap up a copy of Spots the Space Marine while they’re still there to be found. But if the worst comes to the worst and she has to take it down, her Kherishdar stuff is wonderful too.

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