For all my fellow introverts

This may be a timely reminder of how awesome you all are, and how you should not let society convince you there’s something wrong with you.

It was for me 🙂

In our family, sitting together in the same room while browsing the internet on our phones/tablet/laptop can be sometimes substituted for sitting together in the same room while reading a book. But the chances are that three quarters of us are still reading fiction on them and the other is reading blogs.

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9 years ago

That is a wonderful video! (I too am an introvert, and yeah, sitting in the front room surrounded by family with books/computers/tablets is definitely an experience I can identify with.)

9 years ago

If you haven’t read it, her book Quiet: The Power of Introverts is wonderful. I finished it and was relieved. I can be sitting in a room, engaged in a TV show and still have my tablet in front of me as a barrier between myself and my family.

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