A thumbs up for Blessed Isle

How funny. The last review I had on this loved Garnet but thought Harry was a bit pompous. This reviewer loves Harry but thinks Garnet is a bit of a pest. I’m not at all surprised – the pair of them are such opposites it’s hard to like them both. I do, but then I’m their creator, and I can’t imagine writing a character I didn’t like even a little bit.

The reviewer also liked the lack of sex, to which I say “huzzah!” (Not because I want all books to be sex-free, but because I like the thought that you ought to be able to get the same range of sweet to hot in m/m as you do in m/f. I object to the thought that m/m has to be erotic by definition, as though it was somehow more shocking than m/f in its essence.)


If your heart doesn’t flutter even a bit, you’ve got a dead soul! Of course you don’t, but me in my hopeless romanticism found these notions completely swoon-worthy.

Thanks Geoff!

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