A lovely review for The Wages of Sin

It’s so nice to see an older story get a new review. The Wages of Sin is very close to my heart, partly because it’s right in the centre of the venn diagram of my interests, being a historical, paranormal murder mystery, m/m romance. Partly it’s dear to me because it practically wrote itself – something that doesn’t happen to me often. And then again, partly it’s dear to me because of Jasper. Jasper – enough said 😉


So it’s lovely to see this review from Sophia Rose at the Delighted Reader blog. I’m particularly glad I managed to get that balance right between Gothic (which I like) without being the kind of creepy-scary that makes you afraid to switch out the lights (which I don’t.)


All in all, I found this story with its touch of the Gothic an enjoyable reading experience that tingled my spine, but wasn’t horrifying enough to give me the willies and send me running to hide under my covers.    This will appeal to those who enjoy m/m historical ghost story romance with Gothic overtones.

Thank you, Sophia Rose!

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Sophia Rose
Sophia Rose
11 years ago

Ah, thanks for noticing my review. Loved your story! I don’t suppose you would consider sharing Jasper. No? Haha!

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