How very cool!

Heh, after writing that blog post about how to add more female characters to your novels, I immediately started worrying if I was a classic case of ‘do what I say, not what I do.’

With some relief I thought of Lady Farrant in False Colors, Emily in Captain’s Surrender, Krissy, Caroline and Alec’s mum in Shining in the Sun, Oonagh, Liadain, Grace and Phyllis in Under the Hill, Isobella in His Heart’s Obsession, Elizabeth, Mary, the ghost and Cook in The Wages of Sin, and Maria Cobham in By Honor Betrayed.

Surely after all that nobody would judge my feminist credentials on Blessed Isle, in which there are no speaking parts for women at all?


Hah. I should have known. Because here is a fascinating scholarly review on Romance Novels for Feminists of that very book:

The politics of M/M romance and Alex Beecroft’s BLESSED ISLE


Fortunately I think she liked it anyway. Phew! 🙂

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Charlene Newcomb
11 years ago

Great article/review. Thanks for pointing us to it. And yes, I’d say she liked it!

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