Stuff Your Stockings

Oh, I am a bad blogger. I spent yesterday blitzing the house – which now looks pretty damn fine, I must say – and utterly missed the fact that it was my day to post in the Stuff Your Stockings Blogfest

Fortunately, I’d handed the text of the post in months ago, so I didn’t let them down with no post at all, but I haven’t commented or promoted it until today. Better late than never, there, I hope! Every post comes with a giveaway, to which you are entered if you comment, so it seems like a great opportunity to get hold of some new books for free, if nothing else.

And I’d like to think I’d been a little interesting, albeit unashamedly Christian, on the subject of Christmas and why this year it’s been a source of hope to me, rather than one simply of anxiety. (The anxiety is always there too.) Can anything new be said on this subject after 2000 years in which it’s been talked about every year? I doubt it.

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