Posthumous pardon for Turing?

This never ceases to annoy me:

It’s obvious what ought to be done. Either you posthumously pardon everyone who was convicted and punished under that law, or – if the law of the time is the law regardless of how silly it was – you do not pardon Turing. To posthumously pardon Turing alone is to say “heroes can get away with stuff that normal people can’t.” I don’t think that attitude leads to anything good for anyone.

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9 years ago

This is exactly what I thought when I read the new story. Plus the word “pardon” has connotations that I don’t like in this context.

I see what the campaigners are getting at – that it’s appalling that someone who made the contribution he did should have been treated as he was – but that is probably true of many others who suffered under that law. And even if it isn’t, as you say one cannot have one law for them and a different one for another group of people.

I think that instead of campaigning for a pardon, his supporters should use him as an example in campaigns against *current* discriminatory laws and behaviour – he demonstrates that there is nothing inherently wrong with homosexuals and they are not somehow inferior, as is (at least) implied by some current laws and customs.

9 years ago

*news story* not new story

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