Another short post about not much

So, I’ve reached 233,253 words towards my Get Your Words Out challenge of 200,000 words in a year. Having cracked the target, I’m feeling very demotivated towards writing any more, which is something of a drawback. Next year, I can see I will have to aim for 250,000.

That gives me two completed new novels – one of which (Too Many Fairy Princes) is out on submission to publishers, one (The Pilgrims’ Tale) is with my agent and I’m hoping to get back with editing suggestions this month.

I’ve also done 101,000 words on The Glass Floor, and am still enjoying it. Extraordinary. That should come in at roughly 150,000, so I imagine it will be finished early next year.

I’m writing blog posts like a mad thing for a Blessed Isle blog tour from 31st of December to 7th of January. More about that later.

On completely different news, congratulations to JL Merrow for winning two Rainbow Awards! Outstanding! And couldn’t have happened to a more deserving author.


And it took me ages to work this out. See if you can do better:

From a tweet by Scott Jordan Harris @ScottFilmCritic

Whoever stacked these books is both evil and hilarious.

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11 years ago

Once your organised blog tour for Riptide is over, would you like another Comfy Chair interview? 🙂

I’m so impressed with, and a little bit jealous of, your word count. Since himself retired in July I’ve managed about 15k. He doesn’t MEAN to be distracting, he just is!

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