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Glad to hear that there’s good news from America both in virtue of elections and another couple of states allowing gay people to get married. American politics is not really my business, but with American publishers I feel I have a stake even if I don’t have a say in what goes on.

The purple waistcoat is finished and looks very smart. I must post a photo here when I wear it, which is likely to be for Mill Road Winter Fair. Now I just hope everyone else doesn’t go for purple too.

I have decided that 2,500 words is a good count in a day. Writing more per day definitely keeps up the enthusiasm – I’m still enjoying The Glass Floor, which is unheard of for me. 1,000 was easier, but it made the whole process so slow that it felt more laborious. I can do 3-4,000 if I really try, but that leaves no time for making lunch or…well, anything else at all. 2,500 during week days with weekends off = NaNoWriMo all year round, which should definitely up my productivity.

Speaking of The Glass Floor, I cannot believe it took until now for me to put ‘Lautari’ – the name of a Romany clan famous for musicians – and ‘Musica Lautareasca’ together and work out that Musica Lautareasca means ‘music of the Lautari.’ Eep! I know I don’t speak Romanian, but am I tone deaf for languages or what?

And speaking of productivity, I broke my 200,000 word target for the year yesterday. I know I’ve largely stopped blogging and tweeting and all that stuff, but this is why – major reassignment of my time and effort into the writing.

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11 years ago

I’m all in favour of writers writing books! Nice as it is to see you now and again too. I think you’ve found the right balance.

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