First World Problems

Gah, I hate this laptop. It’s OK as a temporary thing the family can take on holiday when the PC has to be left behind. It’s marvellous as a temporary emergency replacement for the PC when the PC is broken. But the keyboard stinks – when I type, I brush the trackpad with the heel of my hand and make all sorts of random and annoying things happen. It gives me RSI in my fingers and palms. It’s got none of my files on it, so I can’t access my pictures or my address book or the Gimp. It has none of my cookies, so I have to sign in afresh everywhere – which means trying to remember passwords I last used three years ago – and I can’t remember what happened to me last week so I have no hope there.

But the biggest thing is the typing. Basically I’m avoiding using it for anything that involves typing – which means avoiding using it for making blog posts, or twitter, or commenting on other people’s stuff or… anything useful, social media wise. And I have a blog post to write for the Fantasy blog for tomorrow – and am not entirely sure how I sign on to it to post it on this computer anyway. I miss my PC!

Anyway, enough whining. Perhaps I can start using the Unix computer in the spare room for blogging instead. In fact, why didn’t I think of that before? Oh… it was because I try to keep that one separate from the social media and sociability aspects of my PC, so I know if I’m on that one it’s to write. Needs must, though, because I can’t type on this one. It’s too annoying, and it hurts.

On a more positive note, I started writing on the Glass Floor again yesterday, now that the new plot is ironed out. 6000 words in September isn’t good at all, but it’s been a traumatic month and I hope, now it’s over, that I can go back to 6000 words a week or more. I am at least excited about the new plot, and it now ties in with the AoS fantasy I mentioned, so we have a potential shared-world series! Woo! (Not a big deal for people who habitually write series, but something I’ve never managed before.)

OK, ouch. That’s quite enough of that. This has officially been upgraded to ‘a problem I need to solve, rather than just endure.’ I am off to investigate whether I can use the strange, Windowsless machine upstairs instead. Watch this space 🙂

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