Mentioned in RT Magazine without having to pay for it!

Forgive the slightly cynical title there. I don’t actually know whether it’s still the case that RT will include adverts for m/m romance if paid, but won’t give m/m books the free review a paid advert entitles a m/f romance. I hope that the fact that they’ve published an article about m/m romance indicates they’re starting to soften towards the genre.

Apparently m/m romance is a torrent, flooding the defenceless market of romance.

Given that m/m romance – from a m/m writer’s POV – hasn’t even made it into the mainstream yet, I suspect this is something of an exaggeration. Possibly of the same sort that says women are taking over SF if there are two female characters on a show with a six man team. IE, anything more than tokenism starts to look like a lot.

Having said that, the article is nowhere near as sneering as some of the early ones on the subject, and though it treads old ground it does so without scattering caltrops as it goes. Pretty damn positive, I think, on the whole.

Cynical I might be towards RT, but I’m absolutely not cynical about seeing two of my books featured as readers’ top picks in the historical section. Wow! I do the unalloyed happy dance over that 🙂 Thank you so much to those readers! You are stars!

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11 years ago

Definitely a positive article. Thanks for pointing us to it. And congrats to you being featured as readers’ top picks, Alex! That has to feel great. 🙂

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