His Heart’s Obsession has cover art.

Touch wood, my thrice cursed novella is actually looking like it might finally be published soon! It has cover art *and* I’ve got a copy of the epub file, with a promise of the pdf version later. It’s due out on the third of June, which is not really all that long now, so fingers crossed that nothing disastrous happens between now and then.

As for the cover art, I wasn’t sure about it at first, but the more I look at it, the more I like it, and now I’m very pleased with it indeed:


It is 1779.  Robert Hughes, a Lieutenant in the British Royal Navy, is in love with his fellow Lieutenant, Hal Morgan.  But Morgan only has eyes for their Captain, William Hamilton.  Sick of watching Hal miserably eat his heart out over Hamilton, Robert determines to seduce him.  But Hal is a tough nut to crack and demands proof of love before he will submit.

Robert’s attempts to usurp Hal’s love for Hamilton lead him to expense, embarrassment, the threat of exposure, and mortal danger from the French.  Also into rather more hard work than he was prepared for.  If only Hal was more susceptible to the lure of perfume and bad poetry!


Also today I have finally finished the first draft of Elf Princes’ Quest, which has come in at 53,570 words, and will undoubtedly reach at least 60K after editing. So now I can concentrate on updating my website with all this new stuff, doing the edits on the stories for the UK Meet anthology and making the cover art for the same. Then, when that’s done, I’ll tackle the second draft of The Pilgrims’ Tale, the second draft of EPQ, and then start plotting something new.

No rest for the wicked 😉

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