Help the cause of gay marriage in the UK

Hop along here and fill in the Home Office’s consultation document on the idea of introducing same sex civil marriage instead of civil partnership.

As this article says, there are Anglican churches which are actually willing to bless or officiate same sex marriages, so it’s worth mentioning on the consultation document that putting in a clause that bans same sex couples from religious ceremonies is counterproductive if we ever want to get to a stage of complete equality.

But that’s a quibble at the moment and it’s well worth going and expressing your approval for this act, particularly given that our homegrown conservatives are going to reply to it negatively en masse.

It’s wonderful news that this act would enable people to legally change their gender without having to dissolve their marriages. I’m ashamed that hasn’t been the case up ‘til now.

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Grace Goose Roberts
12 years ago

Done. 🙂

Alex Beecroft
12 years ago

Wonderful! Thank you 🙂

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