She is not dead, she is only sleeping.

Actually I’m not sleeping either, but I’m having the usual reaction that comes from blogging a lot – the desire never to go on the computer ever again. I think I am one of the most introverted people who ever inted because I clearly have strict limits on how much I can interact with people even by text.

We’ve also switched to a new ‘how to get everyone out of the house in the morning’ routine which gives me extra writing time before lunch and means I can do three sessions instead of two a day. This means I’m now doing about 3,000 words a day instead of 1,000. The plan being to get the first draft of Elf Princes’ Quest finished by the end of May, so that when Eldest gets out of school at the end of May and is hanging around the house all day, I can edit both that and Pilgrims’ Tale. I need deep concentration to do a first draft – the sort of deep concentration I can only manage if I know I’m alone – but editing is much more left brain, and I can do that with other stuff going on around me.

The new 3,000 word day is, however, eating ALL my free time, so I suspect blogging is going to have to go on the back burner in future. This would not be a bad thing except for the feeling that I’m completely losing any social life that doesn’t revolve around morris dancing. I like morris dancing, don’t get me wrong, but the imagination cannot live on “Room for the Cuckolds” alone.

I don’t know how my aim to write 200,000 words this year will survive four months of editing, but (help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, my maths skills are not up to this) I hope I can get 100,000 done by the end of May and then do another 100,000 between September and the new year. I strongly suspect that I will not achieve this aim, but that isn’t going to stop me trying.

Part of the reason why my word count is so low may be my typing speed, which is apparently 48 words per minute according to this test:

Typing Test

Visit the Typing Test and try!

Though frankly I don’t think my brain works any faster than that anyway, and there’s no point in being able to type faster than I can think.

This concludes this ‘state of the Croft’ broadcast.

Bonus irrelevant factoid below:

Did you know in Anglo-Saxon times we had birds a metre tall in Britain? European Cranes.  Try hunting that with a falcon!

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