Reward selected.

10,000 or so words still to go on Elf Princes’ Quest. With six scenes left and a scene length of somewhere around 1,500-2,000 words, that sounds about right. If I can manage to keep up the 3,000 word days I did last week, that means I can get the first draft finished next week.

To keep up the motivation, I’ve told myself I can have a reward for finishing, and in the spirit of all my Avengers excitement at the moment, I think I’m going to go for this:

It’s a bit more subtle than a big picture of Dr. Doom. I was also tempted by this one but Iron Man does not need any more adulation. (Also, I’ll have to write something else first if I’m going to get that one too.)

I’m somewhat annoyed at the fact that out of hundreds of choices of Marvel t-shirts, there are about three choices cut for female bodies (and two of those are Punisher t-shirts in black or pink.) You’d have thought they would have realized they were overlooking the fangirls by now. I guess I’ll have to hope that the presence of hoards of young women outside The Avengers wearing home made “Loki’s army” t-shirts should clue them in that they are missing a large chunk of their market. But I think I’m happier to support a different green-cloaked, metal-clad mad-man for a change. Stealth fanning is more my style 😉

Fingers crossed that I am not jumping the gun with this post. I probably am, aren’t I? I’ll post this and then spend the next three months with no movement in both hands, or something. I had better leave with the disclaimer that while this is my hope for next week, I in no way expect the universe to deliver on that. I’ll see what happens when I get to it.

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Grace Roberts
12 years ago

Ah, you’ll do it gal. Grim determination is what’s needed. 🙂 I could do with a dose of that! Lol. I want a Loki’s Army t-shirt too. 😀

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