Miscellaneous musings

It’s been another week of illness at the croft of bees. The children went back to school but Mr. B and I got it instead, so the blog posting schedule remains in a mess, and the house remains uncleaned. I did some writing on Elf Princes’ Quest, but not as much as I would have done, sans sickness.

Even what I did do rather got away from me – there was no shower scene in the plan! I console myself with the knowledge that when your mysterious guest has an open cut, and has been lying unconscious in a muddy gutter, it would have been irresponsible not to wash the wound, so some form of shirts-off-and-warm-water scene was necessary to the plot.

Sudden change of topic:

On Tuesday evening I nobly dragged myself out of my sick bed to help the Riot teach the First Ely Guides how to do this dance

and noticed as I’ve noticed every time we’ve gone to do one of these things that children don’t seem to be able to skip any more. I’m sure I could skip at that age. I’m surprised it’s even something that people need to learn. I always thought it was innate, but so few of the scouts and brownies we’ve tried to teach can even grasp the stepping that it can’t be. Too many Nintendos, not enough skipping ropes in the playground, I guess.

Sudden change of topic again:

Note to self, when handling the knives and scrapers you made during your “how to make flint tools” workshop, do not rub your finger along the edge, trusting that it’s only a stone so it can’t do you any harm. It turned out it was actually so sharp I didn’t even feel the cut until it started bleeding. Never underestimate stone tools again!

And the last one:

I’m glad to say Sceaftesige Garrison’s website has been taken over by someone who is not me, and who has done a great job of making it look much more up to date. Though I’m also glad to say that my reading of Caedmon’s Hymn, the article I did about Saxon medicine, and the vid I made of Julian playing my hearpe is still on there. Who’d have thought a Saxon lyre would make such a good guitar?


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