OK, I’m going to rant

I know I shouldn’t, because nothing ever goes away on the internet, and it’s up to us to be professional all the time, blah blah blah. But for crying out loud, [certain authors on Facebook], cut down on the rabid promotion, already!

I am not, here, talking about any of my colleagues and friends who hang out with me on LJ and have spoken to me on my blog or on Goodreads or wherever. Pretty much if you’ve spoken to me at all – even once – on any topic whatsoever that isn’t your book, we’re OK and I’m not talking about you.

If you confine your promoing to your own blog/facebook/twitter, or guest posts on the blogs of other people, so that maybe an occasional post about a new release, or your writing process comes up when I go to read your wall/latest post, this is fine and dandy, and I’m reading it because I’m interested in what you’re writing and I might want to read your latest novel when it comes out.

If, however, you have friended me on Facebook, entirely so you can add me to groups about your book, so that I get emailed every time you discuss your book with your friends; if you tag me in photos of your book, so that I get emailed every time someone comments on or likes your photo; if you add me to your newsletter without asking, so that I get dozens of emails about your book about your adventures in Lithuanian alpaca knitting; if you do any other form of rude and intrusive thrusting your assets into my face without my express invitation, not only will I never read the book you’re yammering on about today, but I will make it a point of principle never to read any of your books in the entirety of your writing career. You see where that might be a little counterproductive? I hope so.

*Calms down a little*. Dear Lord, there is enthusiasm and then there is downright rudeness. Why did Facebook think it was a good idea to let people add other people to groups without their permission? Why? *Tears hair.* *Nope, actually still not calm at all.*

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