HMS Albion identified in the real world!

I recently had a lovely email from Gert Alenhall, who is the person in charge of making and keeping the 18th century clothes of the mariners on the Swedish ship Götheborg. He also runs a business of his own, designing and making all kinds of costumes. Check out his website here )

He said (I paraphrase) “I was very surprised to see the cover of your book, False Colors, because that’s my ship on there, and I keep the archives of photos and don’t remember that one.”

I had no idea where the photo came from, as the cover was made by Larry Rostant and I had nothing to do with it, but I was simply amazed that it’s a real ship at all. How lovely!

I’m not making myself clear, am I? But breaking news is that the ship at the bottom of this cover:


is this ship:

Here she is exchanging gun salutes with HMS Belfast on her way back home to Sweden after visiting London:

How cool is that? I would say “very” but I am biased 🙂

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Sandra Lindsey
Sandra Lindsey
12 years ago

I’d say that’s *exceedingly* cool! I thought the ship on your cover was taken from one of the old paintings of sea battles, so it’s very interesting to hear otherwise!

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